Brightwell project manage the whole restoration process including vehicle disassembly and reassembly - as well as performing their own maintenance, servicing and full interior retrims and restorations in-house.

They use the Trend Yeti Smartbench for a variety of applications such as:

Cutting door cards
Cutting interior panels
Cutting dashboards
Cutting and punching leather
Carving wooden bucks and moulds for panel forming
Drawing full size wiring loom diagrams
Creating vinyl decals
Creating aluminium or acrylic badging

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Some other benefits of the SmartBench include: 

- Take precise machining to the jobsite.

- Easily transportable by van or car

- Precision model with variable speed router

- Assembles in 3 minutes or less

- Full 4´ x 8´ panel machining

- Receive jobs via wi-fi or USB

- Colour touchpad handheld control unit

- Light compactable frame

- Can be stored in even the tightest of workshops/industrial units.

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